Website Creation & Hosting

monitorNeed a new or updated website?

It doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive …

All you need to provide is text & pictures.

Find some websites you like the look of and we’ll pick out the elements of style that appeal to you.

We’ll discuss your preferred fonts, colors, styles, needs, wants, etc and will use what you decide on after this consultation process.

In addition to building your website, I will take care of all the details; including domain name registration, finding the best hosting and getting the site live quickly.

Learn to maintain your site yourself If you want to learn more …
Another option is basic creation and hosting set up for you with a very easy-to-use site builder and personal tutoring on how YOU can update it.You’ll easily be doing the following:

  • adding new info & pictures
  • making changes to content or themes
  • adding pages, photos or links
  • removing outdated content
  • keeping your website current in a rapidly changing world
  • documentation provided
Personal tutoring is available on how to use a simple site builder so you can build and maintain your website yourself.I’ll help you find the best one for you, at the best price, and advise you on:

  • domain names
  • hosting sites
  • forums
  • blogs
  • selling on line
  • what else do you want to know?



Visit the following live sites:

to see examples of my work.