Computer maintenance & personal help:

  • $30 hourly
  • Your house or mine
  • No travel fee on Texada or central Powell River


Full website setup:

  • $400 for 5 main pages
  • More for larger or interactive sites.
  • Includes documentation on how to update your site.


Personal instruction for popular website makers:

  • $30 hourly
  • Don’t waste time looking for the information you need
  • Save hours of frustration by getting a quick answer
  • Personalized documentation available on request


Other website expenses: hosting and domain name registration fees can be extra, but not much ..

  • Domain name registration is around $15 per year.
    • It is best to keep this separate from hosting.
  • Hosting can be free for some websites.
    • Cheap hosting is not always the best option, & offers are often deceptive
    • Security, downtime and support must be considered when choosing a host
    • I can help you figure out the best match for your situation
  • We will discuss possible expenses in detail during the consultation process.


Will also work for food, art and other necessities, or trade for what-have-you.

  • What do you have to trade?